Tailored Heritage • Relaunching January 2015

Tailored Heritage is the product of motivated students who aim to benefit society on a local and global level. What started as a simple exchange of ideas between three friends in San Francisco, has grown into an adventure that encompasses the beliefs and values that truly represent who we are.

We have both short and long-term goals for Tailored Heritage.

In the short term, we see San Francisco as the backdrop for documenting our style-inspired journey. As we share our personal taste in fashion, we will simultaneously showcase the unique history and culture of "The City by the Bay". 

Our long-term goal is to help build bridges between cultures and societies. Each region of the world has a unique and beautiful way of dress. By documenting these fabrics, stories, and lifestyles, we hope to build a better understanding between peoples across the globe. In doing so, we will also learn more about our own multi-cultural roots and incorporate our discoveries through the clothing that we wear. Through our creativity, we look to share the inspiration and evolution of our own styles and perspectives.

Ultimately, we aspire to become ambassadors of both culture and style. As first generation Americans, we aim to connect the beauty and influences of the world around us and inspire others to do the same. 

Molded by our cultural roots and experiences, we came together to create an authentic style-inspired journey. Accompany us as we, Umar Issa, Milton Smith, and César Martínez document our colorful adventure for the world to see. 

For business inquiries and/or general questions, please email us at tailoredheritage@gmail.com