• The Brooklyn Circus SF || 6 Year Anniversary

    Every year San Francisco celebrates the Fourth of July with fireworks, music, and family fun. There are plenty of wonderful events around the city to commemorate America’s Independence Day, but there is no better place to enjoy this festive holiday than The Fillmore Jazz Festival. Known as the ‘Harlem of the West’, San Francisco’s Fillmore Street is home to one of the most storied cultural movements in US history. During the 1940’s The Fillmore district became the playground for jazz legends such as Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, John Coltrane and others. With such a great legacy to its name, the annual Fillmore Jazz Festival embodies the vibrant spirit of the district’s heyday.

    It is no surprise that Gabe ‘the Great’ Garcia and Ouigi ‘The Bearded Man’ Theodore decided to the bring The Brooklyn Circus, a New York based lifestyle brand, to Fillmore Street in SF. With a global following and a primary mission of “Redefining the Image of Urban Americans,” BKc has become a central inspiration for Tailored Heritage. The Brooklyn Circus, which was founded in 2006, has encouraged the growth of our creative endeavors and has in turn strengthened our mission of connecting cultures and societies across the globe. From every cuff of a trouser, roll of a sleeve, or peaking pocket square, the Brooklyn Circus is connected to a greater story we are proud to be a part of. This story is one which has enabled them to succeed at tailoring not only clothing, but lifestyles.

    The entire Tailored Heritage family had the honor of attending the Brooklyn Circus SF's 6 Year Anniversary Block Party which is in conjunction with the annual Fillmore Jazz Festival. Since opening the San Francisco shop on a 4th of July weekend in 2008, Gabe ‘the Great’ has done a fantastic job of curating one of the festival’s biggest attractions; bringing out some of San Francisco’s best bites, musical guests, and stylish characters. One of the most notable attractions to the BKc block party is the ever-charming, explosion of charisma that is The Brooklyn Circus founder Ouigi Theodore. As Master of Ceremonies, The Bearded Man adds an undeniable energy to the party’s atmosphere.

    Ces and Umar have had the privilege of working under the direction of Gabe Garcia at the Brooklyn Circus shop in SF. It comes with great honor for all three of us to be surrounded by such an inspiring group of people. The Brooklyn Circus has become a second family, and we could not be more thankful to them for opening their home to us. Whether learning about the details of a garment or meeting respected people in the industry, we are constantly absorbing the energy and information surrounding us. They have created a platform for us at TH to truly embrace being students of the world. With that being said, we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Gabe, Ouigi, and The Brooklyn Circus. Cheers to the next 100 years!

    TH || Milton, Umar, César

    PS: We wanted to give a special shoutout to the birthday boy and fellow Student of the World Jerome Love ( @JeromeLove ). Wishing you all the best sir!

    Thanks to our TH Family Member Beatrice Seifert for the wonderful captures below!

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    San Francisco - @TheBKcircusSF

  • Alameda Antique Fair

    Alameda Antique Fair

    Held on the first sunday of every month, the Alameda Flea market is the largest vintage faire in northern California. With no item younger than twenty years old, we have come to gain a great amount of inspiration from this event here at Tailored Heritage. Over eight hundred dealers display their antique gems, each item with its own unique story. A worn-down varsity jacket from the 50’s, a couple depression-era quilts, or a stack of indigo dyed canvas sheets and you can find yourself at a loss for words from all the quality items which surround you. After having visited the fair for the first time last month, I could not get enough. I decided it was only right to catch the next months event and was joined by the great Beatrice ( One of the reasons we love Beatrice is her creative energy and determination. After having spent five minutes admiring the vintage pieces at the faire, we knew we would both leave inspired by the history and detail of each item.

    With unique treasures from around the world, the antique fair is the perfect place to observe culture. At one booth we stopped and appreciated African artifacts then walked ten feet to a booth which sold some great vintage American pennants. One of the pieces which stood out immediately amongst the rows of vendors was a medium sized indigo sofa with an Asian influenced design. With such intricate detail in the cushion and arms of the sofa, the piece was unlike any we had seen all day. Also, after wandering down a random row of vendors we quickly picked out a couple of patchwork quilts. Instantly curious, we were told that the quilts were made during the depression era. Using pieces of leftover fabric to create a quilt was popular before the depression but also became a thrifty tactic used by many families who were hard-hit during this time. Items like these are one-of-a-kind and speak to the awe-inspiring selection present at the Alameda Faire.

    After buying a vintage American flag and grabbing a bite to eat Beatrice and I decided to call it a day. But before heading home we got to explore the area just outside the antique fair which is known as Alameda Point. Previously a naval air station, this area is surrounded by various old abandoned buildings which made for some interesting photos. Hope you all enjoy!

    - Milton || Tailored Heritage

  • Easter Sunday || Exploring SF

    We officially started the Tailored Heritage journey with you in November of 2013. For all three of us, it was first time we picked up cameras to bring forth a different perspective (via our interests, curiosities, and daily activities). Whether snapping pictures, recording videos, or editing, we quickly realized how overwhelming all of this can be. We went from being three students who were interested in fashion, culture, and history, to three ‘Students of the World’ looking to convey what we learn to others. What we failed to realize was the tough learning-curve necessary to successfully accomplish our dreams of connecting people through what we learn. That being said, we have made it our new goal to keep you up-to-date with all of our creative struggles as well as our triumphs.

    One of the biggest problems we’ve encountered throughout the existence of Tailored Heritage has been the difficulty in balancing our full-time hobby with academics and work. Fortunately, we had a day off to enjoy a brief respite from our everyday responsibilities. We decided to spend our Easter Sunday exploring San Francisco with some new friends and local creatives.

    Brandon Penn (@BrandonCPenn), a fellow colleague at the University of San Francisco, was kind enough to show us his favorite spots in the city. TH has always gained inspiration from Brandon’s photography, and we took the opportunity to learn from his skills behind the camera. His eye for composition and editing style are what we enjoy most about his work, and we had the pleasure of learning about his upbringing and interests. While he looks at photography as a hobby, Brandon’s career goal is to work in Public Relations. The fact that he is so passionate about his pastime inspires us to not only work hard at what we love but to put 100 percent into everything we aspire to be in life.

    We were fortunate enough to also link up with the one and only Beatrice Seifert (@BeatriceUrsula). You may recognize Beatrice from our Indigo Dyeing experiment. She is our right hand lady when it comes to learning about photography and entrepreneurship, and her enthusiasm always inspires us to better the composition of our own work.

    We decided to take our exploring away from the hustle and bustle of the city and join Brandon, Beatrice, and fellow USF grad Vincent (@AlohaCrabs) for a sunset shoot at San Francisco’s Marshall Beach. It was a pleasure to meet with Vincent and learn about post-graduate life and his take on photography as a form of expression. He’ll be traveling for the next few months and uses his photography as a means to network. Vincent is a prime example of how wonderful social media can be at connecting like-minded individuals from different parts of the world. After making a number of friends via instagram he has been able to travel to various cities around the country and meet up with people, exchanging inspirations and artistic energies along the way.

    We left our Easter adventure inspired and grateful to have learned from such great creatives and more importantly valued friends. We realize the process of sharing our journey as Tailored Heritage will not be easy, but meeting with hard working individuals such as Brandon, Beatrice, and Vincent motivates us to keep learning. If there’s one thing we took from hanging out with these three very talented photographers, it’s that we all have the same desire to explore and capture images that truly speak to who we are. Although we may have just recently picked up a camera, we look foward to documenting our growth as students of style and culture. As we learn more about taking proper pictures, and making/editing videos, we know we will improve as long as we remain inspired by the world around us.

    - TH Crew || César, Umar, & Milton

    Special Thanks To

    Brandon Penn | | @BrandonCPenn

    Beatrice Seifert | | @BeatriceUrsula

    Vincent | | @AlohaCrabs

  • Day in the Life || Chinese New Year

    The Chinese New Year Festival Parade in San Francisco is the largest and oldest celebration of its kind outside of Asia. With such a rich history in the city, we knew the Chinese New Year Parade of 2014 would be a great place to experience some of San Francisco’s most celebrated culture. The two week celebration, which culminates with a parade on the edge of Chinatown, would become a great learning experience for us as Students of the World and also as students of photography/film.

    Celebrated for over 5,000 years in China, Chinese New Year became a prominent event in San Francisco during the Gold Rush in the mid-nineteenth century. After word of gold mines in San Francisco spread throughout the world, an extraordinary number of immigrants would come to find fortune and work. Among the most prominent of these immigrants were a large number of Chinese workers who helped make San Francisco one of the most culturally diverse cities in the United States. To combat anti-Chinese sentiments in the 1860’s, Chinese immigrants in California looked to share their traditions in a way that was relatable to American culture. They decided to celebrate their traditional festivities in a new fashion. By combining their Chinese pastimes with an American favorite - the parade, the Chinese New Year Parade was born.

    With the help of our friend and talented photographer, Jerome Love (@JeromeLove), we decided to grab our cameras and capture all of the excitement and beauty on display at this years parade. What we did not anticipate for this event would be the amount of people in attendance. With upwards of an estimated one million onlookers, finding picturesque views of the festivities was a definite problem for us. Our lack of knowledge of the parade route also made it difficult for us to maximize our experience. From all of these shortcomings we left the event with a greater respect for the preparation that is necessary when it comes to capturing our journey.

    We’re fairly inexperienced in regards to filmmaking/photography so in an effort to improve, we have dedicated ourselves to learning from our mistakes. In the case of this parade, we completely underestimated the size of the event. That being said, we did our best to embrace the rich Chinese-American history and culture which has become a great part of The United States.

    This years celebration marked the Year of the Horse in the Chinese Zodiac. The spirit of the horse is said to be energetic, warm-hearted, bright, and determined to improve themselves. With this parade being our first post in the Chinese New Year, we can say that the Year of the Horse has definitely rung true with our experiences so far.

    -Tailored Heritage

    Milton, Umar, & Cesar

  • Sula Collection

    We’re only our third post in, but we at Tailored Heritage are very happy with everything we’ve learned and accomplished thus far. With the TH mission still in its humble beginnings, there is nothing more rewarding than pushing ourselves to become better every day. Whether it's stylistically, behind the camera, or learning more about the history and culture that surround us, we're dedicated students thriving to improve in all aspects of our craft.

    In our short time together, we have been very fortunate to meet and surround ourselves with some of San Francisco’s amazing creatives. The Bay Area in general is home to hundreds of young artists pursuing their passion in design, photography, fashion, music, and art. Meeting such driven people only inspires us at TH to work harder and be more creative everyday. As a group we believe that surrounding ourselves with fellow creatives allows for great things to happen. With that being said, the three of us had the blessing of meeting Beatrice Seifert (founder of What brought her to our attention initially was her amazing photography! "B" has the ability to truly capture a moment, using her candid perspective to bring life to a photo/video, displaying emotion, beauty, and detail. Within seconds of us meeting eachother there was an instant connection. Her amazing personality, ambition, and mindset resonated with us and motivated us to keep making progress. After collaborating with each other on a handful of small projects, Beatrice has become a valuable member of the Tailored Heritage family. She continues to share her knowledge of photography and clothing with us and is a source of inspiration for our work.

    César recently had the chance to join Beatrice on an indigo dye experiment which included pieces from her much anticipated SULA Collection. Sula, as a brand, is an extension of Beatrice’s personal values that dictates the way she goes about her life and art. "I want it (SULA) to be a source of inspiration, a showcase of inspirations, and an experience -- a positive one at that. The values that Sula stands for are staying positive, humble, and embracing change and eccentricity. Those values are important in my brand because it will be the foundation for its image, attitude, style, and growth." Beatrice’s passion and dedication are easily translated in the quality of her work. Each piece of her collection is hand designed and goes through a tedious process of being naturally dyed. Spending several hours on each garment, Beatrice has made Sula Collection not simply just a clothing brand, but also wearable pieces of art.

    Cés and Umar were also fortunate enough to help Beatrice shoot a lookbook for the indigo dyed items which can be found on her site ( ). The location we chose for this shoot was San Francisco's historic Sutro Baths. Its’ sprawling ruins helped capture the natural details of these one of a kind pieces. After reviewing the shots taken, we couldn’t be more excited with the outcome! We have selected our favorite photos to share with you, and we hope you enjoy the work of our good friend Beatrice! Honored by this opportunity, we wish nothing but success to Beatrice and the Sula Collection.

    - TH Crew

    If interested in buying your own piece of SULA art, you can purchase these ‘hand-crafted in USA’ crewnecks at Follow @beatriceursula and @sulacollection via Twitter and Instagram for more details.

  • PF Perspective

    PF Perspective || TH

    As students of the world, we love and appreciate PF’s tradition of crafting authentic American style. With a rich history embedded in American culture, PF has been a great source of inspiration for Tailored Heritage and our mission. As first generation Americans, the PF story remains a positive symbol of our culture as it relates to style. With its classic sensibility, PF has given the three of us the ability to showcase a staple of American heritage in a modern narrative.

    PF Flyers || A Brief History

    Developed from the innovation of tire manufacturers BF Goodrich in 1933, Posture Foundation would come to innovate casual footwear in America. Once marketed as the “Magic Wedge”, Posture Foundation is the patented insole technology that was developed to distribute weight evenly throughout the foot. Renowned for its comfortable insole, Posture Foundation would soon become the starting point and abbreviation for the brand PF flyers in 1937.

    The brand became prominent during the mid-twentieth century as PF grew into America’s favorite all-purpose shoe. PF Flyers is most commonly known for its center-high design which features an ankle-high canvas duck upper, a rubber vulcanized sole, and the iconic PF flyers badge on its outer side.

    With its timeless simplicity, PF’s remain a stylish and comfortable staple in American footwear. Worn with classic denim jeans and a white t-shirt, or slacks and tie, the versatility of a PF sneaker makes it a favorite for us when putting an outfit together.

    -Tailored Heriatge Crew

    For the full history of the PF flyers brand head over to the "Our Story" section of the PF Flyers website.

  • Parkside Market

    Every community has a hidden gem. Whether getting a trim at a local barbershop or enjoying the atmosphere of a quaint café, certain places offer a charm unique to their neighborhood. Of the numerous sandwich shops in San Francisco, we were fortunate enough to discover a deli that became our weekly lunchtime spot.

    Just north of the Panhandle, we came across Parkside Market casually walking through the streets of San Francisco. The clever names on the menu initially attracted our attention, but it was the tasty sandwiches and genuine personalities of the owners, Khalil and his beautiful mother, that enticed us to return. It became a routine hangout for us, as we shared our inspirations and ideas over a bite to eat.

    Parkside is not your ordinary corner store. It's an important part of the neighborhood. From the moment we walked in, we felt like family. The Middle Eastern hospitality that was extended to us by Khalil and “Mama” was unlike any other establishment we’ve previously visited. We even had the opportunity to learn a few Arabic words during our light-hearted conversation which was the cherry on top to our already enjoyable visit.

    To give you a glimpse of our trip to Parkside Market, we filmed our delightful experience with help from our good friend Beatice Seifert ( “I Don’t Want to Set the World on Fire” by The Ink Spots was a perfect song to describe the vibe of that afternoon. The one of a kind deli is located at 1600 Hayes St, between Lyon St and Central Ave. We highly recommend ordering our personal favorites - the 'Mid-East Touch' or 'Double-Trouble' sandwich.

    - Tailored Heritage Crew


  • Students of the World || Our Mission

    Students of the World || Our Mission

    Tailored Heritage is the product of motivated students who aim to benefit society on a local and global level. What started as a simple exchange of ideas between three friends in San Francisco, has grown into an adventure that encompasses the beliefs and values that truly represent who we are.

    We have both short and long-term goals for Tailored Heritage.

    In the short term, we see San Francisco as the backdrop for documenting our style-inspired journey. As we share our personal taste in fashion, we will simultaneously showcase the unique history and culture of "The City by the Bay".

    Our long-term goal is to help build bridges between cultures and societies. Each region of the world has a unique and beautiful way of dress. By documenting these fabrics, stories, and lifestyles, we hope to build a better understanding between peoples across the globe. In doing so, we will also learn more about our own multi-cultural roots and incorporate our discoveries through the clothing that we wear. Through our creativity, we look to share the inspiration and evolution of our own styles and perspectives.

    Ultimately, we aspire to become ambassadors of both culture and style. As first generation Americans, we aim to connect the beauty and influences of the world around us and inspire others to do the same.

    Molded by our cultural roots and experiences, we came together to create an authentic style-inspired journey. Accompany us as we, Umar Issa, Milton Smith, and César Martínez document our colorful adventure for the world to see. 

    - Tailored Heritage || Students of the World